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UG offers an opportunity to start an internet based business without stocking inventory and allows you to start making sales immediately. eBay and many other auction style websites, or your own eCommerce website, is an excellent way to generate significant profits.

How does drop shipping work?

You can offer our products on your eCommerce site, auction listings or other selling channels. Our simple pricing structure and product detail feeds work together to ensure you can get up and started quickly. Once you sell a product, all you need to do is take the money from your customer, place your order for the product with us, and let us take care of everything else!


Our warehouse team will ensure your order is picked-up, packed and dispatched directly to your customer as quickly as possible. This means all you have to do is sit back and let someone else do all the work, with no inventory, overhead and minimal administrative work.

What benefits do I receive when I drop ship with UG?

Inventory Support

You do not need to stock any products! UG hold inventory in our Hong Kong and United Kingdom warehouses. Our Internal ERP system will enable you to check our stock levels accordingly and you can always get the products you need or make arrangements.

Shipping Worldwide

We deliver the goods for you! UG drop ship service delivers the goods from the Hong Kong or United Kingdom warehouse directly to your customers in any country in the world. You can specify the shipping method you desire and your customers will always get tracking numbers.

Pay After You Get Paid

You do not have to worry about cash flow. You just post your products online, when orders come in and you are paid, you just pay UG the lower wholesale price. We will send the products from our inventory to your customers directly. We help you save time and money, you sell your products and we will do the rest!

Fast, Safe, Honest & Effective

UG drop shipping provides fast and friendly service. We established our safe and secure system to maintain our integrity, reliability and accountability. Our ultimate goal is to be your business solution provider, leading your business to success.

Large Variety of Products

You do not have to worry about what to sell. UG drop shipping has a special marketing team to source the best hot picks online for in-car entertainment products. All you need is to upload the products directly to your website and watch the sales come in!

Professional After Sales

You do not have to worry about having professional knowledge with in-car entertainment products. Our professional after sales team and technicians will assist you anytime you need. You can get support from our online customer support services and online videos.

If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our customer service team at

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